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This huge unit for To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee has absolutely everything you need to teach the novel. With over 340 pages/slides of eye-catching PowerPoint Presentations, printable assignments, questions, vocabulary, video journals and interactive class activities, you will be ready to start tomorrow!



24 slide presentation that provides detailed information about the genre of the novel, the author, and historical context.



Printable cards that you can keep handy for those students who struggle with reading comprehension. They can also be useful if a student is looking for a particular part of the plot. They can check the summary cards to find the correct chapter!



12 Reading quizzes that include 3-5 quotations from the chapters which show an important plot development. Students are required to explain what is happening at this particular part of the plot. A detailed answer key for each quiz is included



• Powerpoint presentation explaining to students how to determine the meaning of an unknown word using context.

• A To Kill A Mockingbird Vocabulary Booklet for students with quotes from the novel that use challenging vocabulary. Students use context to determine the meaning of the bolded word. There is also a place for the actual definition to be inserted.

• A Powerpoint presentation to go over each of the vocabulary words with synonyms/definitions for students to easily understand the new terms (organized by chapter sets)



  •  Student question pages divided by chapter sets that are ready to print with a set of questions that include basic reading comprehension, analysis, and text connection questions. 
  • Student question pages with all the questions within one document. This gives the option for students to complete the work in a notebook instead of on the provided student response pages if that is what the teacher prefers.
  • A 57 Slide Powerpoint presentation that includes all the answers to the questions for easy review with the whole class. The answer keys are detailed with text evidence and quotes for support to show students a strong response.



A 40 slide Powerpoint presentation. The notes discuss some of the most important aspects of the novel organized by chapter. The notes address characterization, theme, setting, and much more! Your students will have a deeper understanding of the novel after you use this resource! The notes can be used for students to copy, or you can use it as a springboard for discussion after reading each of the chapters.



Youtube required for this resource. Students watch a video that relates to content from the novel and respond to a journal prompt. This is a great way for students to connect personally with the novel



BOO RADLEY PSYCH REPORT: The assignment gets them to take on the role of a psychiatrist and use all that information to write up a "Psychiatric Report" using evidence from the novel for support. (answer key included) 

EMPATHY ACTIVITY: Use this activity and assignment as a way for students to reflect on the theme of empathy in the novel 

PLOT DIAGRAM ASSIGNMENT: Students plot the events of the novel onto the plot diagram (answer key included)

TOM ROBINSON'S TRIAL ACTIVITY: Everything you need to set up a trial role-play in your classroom (full scripts included).

ATTICUS' APPS: Bring To Kill A Mockingbird into the 21st Century by choosing apps for Atticus if he had an ipad. This assignment demonstrates understanding of characterization.

MAYCOMB TOUR GUIDE: Students write a tour guide script for Maycomb to demonstrate their understanding of setting.

MOVIE REVIEW/COMPARISON: Use these assignments after watching the film adaptation of this novel.



4 Printable posters of important quotes from the novel.



Students create a newspaper called Maycomb Daily where they explore a variety of different aspects of the novel. Included is a PowerPoint to introduce the project, detailed handout for students, templates, and graphic organizers


Essay Writing Topics: 4 essay topics for students to choose to analyze the text more deeply.



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