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This is a fun and creative project that is an excellent final assessment for the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee! Students will create a newspaper called "The Maycomb Life and Times" in which they are journalists living in Scout and Jem's world during the time of To Kill A Mockingbird. This product gives you everything you need to present the project, engage students in pre-writing, and mark the final product.



• A Powerpoint presentation that covers the following information:

→ Presentation of the project in a fun and creative way

→ Information on how to write for a newspaper

→ Information on each of the columns they are required to write

→ Final Product requirements 

•11 Handouts that engage students in the pre-writing process to get them ready! These include the following:

→ Handout with all of the project information

→ Headline Story Pre-Writing Activity

→ Obituary Pre-Writing Activity

→ Special Interview Pre-Writing Activity

→ Advice Column Pre-Writing Activity

→ Life and Times Pre-Writing Activity

→ Pages good copies for each of the columns 

• 10 Final Copy Templates that students can use to input their articles. Students can choose which pages best fit their needs (or they can choose to do it all themselves and not use the templates) 

• A rubric that makes marking this project a breeze! 

This was a hit in my class and the students were able to demonstrate not only their creativity, but their understanding of the novel as well.


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