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Bring The Giver by Lois Lowry to life with these FUN and CREATIVE class activities that your students will love!



♥ Love your product. The activities really forced my students to think outside the box. I could see their minds working and many remarking " I never thought of it that way before". What every LA teacher wants. So easy to use. Thank you, Thank you

♥ I loved using these activities! Each activity strengthened my students' connections to the book while having them apply the skills we were currently practicing. Great resource!

♥ This was the best Giver unit I have seen - great activities with wonderful discussion points. I hate when a "unit" is only comprehension questions. I teach GT students and my kids understand the books they read, they need to be pushed to think more deeply about the text. These activities were perfect for that! Thank you!! 

♥ My 7th grade students are really enjoying the various activities provided in this resource, and they ESPECIALLY loved the "Ceremony of Twelve" Simulation!! Thank you!!

♥ I swear by this unit. It has been the best resource I've purchased from TPT...hands down!



8 Ready-to-use, interactive activities to bring your Giver unit to life! Students will absolutely LOVE these activities! Below are the activities in the resource bundle:

CEREMONY OF 12: Students will love this classroom simulation of the Ceremony of Twelve! During the ceremony, students are assigned a role and must either journal about it or apply for a new role if they are not happy with their assignment.

SEEING BEYOND ACTIVITY: Students will be exposed to optical illusions which allow them to empathize with Jonas’ ability to see beyond.

DREAM SHARING ACTIVIY: Students learn the interpretations of their own dreams and discuss the purpose of this ritual in the novel 

MEMORY TRANSMISSION ACTIVITY: Students receive new memories from the Giver and discuss their impact and importance. They also work together to share an important historical memory.

HOUSE OF OLD ACTIVITY: Students discover how the elderly are treated in different cultures and work together to create an outline of how they are treated in Jonas’ society.

TELLING OF FEELINGS ACTIVITY: Students gather together with their classroom family to share an emotion of the day.

A WORLD WITHOUT PAIN: Students will watch a video and read an article to learn what it would be like to feel no pain. They will also discuss a world without emotional pain.

ONE CHILD POLICY: Students will read an article on the one-child policy in China to empathize with Jonas’ community. They will also share their feelings on this practice. 


• Writing The Giver’s Speech To The Community

• Creating a Soundtrack for the Novel

• Responding To Lois Lowry’s Newbery Medal Acceptance Speech

• Writing Jonas’ Journal


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