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This unit plan for The Giver by Lois Lowry has everything you will need to teach Lois Lowry’s award-winning novel. With over 340 pages/slides of eye-catching powerpoints, printable assignments, questions, vocabulary, and interactive class activities, you will have everything you need!



♥ This unit is worth every penny I spent on it! We just did the activity on sharing feelings and the students loved it. In fact, there was a retired P.E. teacher sitting in on the class with me, and even he started raising his hands to participate. The best part about this unit is that all activities help build more student interest in the story, so when it's time to read the next chapters, everyone is so engaged. Very very well done! 

♥ Holy Cow! THANK YOU so much for sharing all your hard work. I had never spent this much on a unit plan, but I liked what I saw on the preview and decided to take a chance. Man, am I glad I did! Truth be told, I'm not a real fan of this novel, but with all your incredible teaching resources ready and rarin' to go, it made this book quite enjoyable for both me and my 6th grade students. I changed a few wordings on Power Points to reflect my own teaching, but other than that used almost every resource provided. AWESOME and definitely worth every penny. Thank you.

♥ Buy, buy, buy this unit! Used it as a summer study of the novel and the kids LOVED it. My students still come up to me and tell me about certain activities we did over this summer. 

♥ One of the best purchases I have EVER made on TpT. I felt like you have been with me as a teaching partner! EVERYTHING for the student (and for ME!) was well thought out- directions were awesome- and the lessons are current and relevant. You are a great teacher- I can tell! I LOVE this! Thank you so much! You ROCK!

♥ LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS UNIT PLAN! (and yes, I do mean to yell... this is that fantastic!)

♥ If you're debating on getting this resource.... BUY IT!! this is by far the most engaging unit on The Giver ever!!! ❤❤

♥ This is incredible! Everything I needed for a month long unit was right there! This is my favorite purchase from TpT! Amazing!

♥ This is the best teaching unit I have ever purchased! It's worth every penny. The activities are creative, well-organized, colorful, and relevant. My sixth graders are going to love this unit! I can't wait to begin!

♥ By far one of the best TpT resources I've bought to date! Used with my 7th graders and they loved the activities!! I loved that they stayed engaged throughout the novel!! Thank you!

♥ If you read/teach The Giver, please search no more for a unit. This is a literal one-stop shop of TERRIFIC, relevant pages that implement Common Core activities, analysis of chapters, and wonderfully creative chapter activities to experience with the students! In one word, AMAZING! THANKS SO students LOVED this unit, and I owe so much of the response to your unit!




•18 slide Powerpoint introductory presentation that includes pre-reading discussion questions and activities, author’s biography, fun whole-class quiz, and background information on the novel. 


•17 slide Powerpoint Novel Genre presentation that includes information on Utopia, Dystopia, and Science Fiction. Each genre has a link to a video clip to demonstrate the genre in action, as well as a prompt for students to find their own examples 


• Chapter Summary Cards – printable cards that you can keep handy for those students who struggle with reading comprehension. They can also be useful if a student is looking for a particular part of the plot. They can check the summary cards to find the correct chapter! 


• 10 Reading quizzes that include quotes from the novel. Students need to explain what is happening at this particular point in the plot based on the quote. This eliminates cheating, since students will have had to read the actual text (not just an online summary) to find the answers

 • A detailed answer key for each quiz is included 


• A Powerpoint presentation explaining to students how to determine the meaning of an unknown word using context.

• A Giver Vocabulary Booklet for students with quotes from the novel that use challenging vocabulary. Students use context to determine the meaning of the bolded word. There is also a place for the actual definition to be inserted.

• A 38 Slide Powerpoint presentation to go over each of the vocabulary words with synonyms/definitions for students to easily understand the new terms (organized by chapter sets) 


• Reading Questions Handout – A ready-to-print set of reading questions that include basic comprehension questions and ‘Digging Deeper��� questions.

- Answer key for teacher reference

• A 62 Slide Powerpoint presentation that includes all the answers to the questions for easy review with the whole class. 


��� A 35 Slide Powerpoint presentation to go over the notes with your students for each of the sets of chapters. Includes information on setting, characterization, theme, plot, and much more!


• 8 Printable, ready-to-use FUN interactive activities that students will absolutely LOVE! Below are the activities included

o SHARING OF FEELINGS ACTIVITY – students gather together with their classroom family to share an emotion of the day

o HOUSE OF OLD ACTIVITY - students discover how the elderly are treated in different cultures, and work together to create an outline of how they are treated in Jonas’ society.

o DREAM SHARING ACTIVITY – students learn the interpretations of their own dreams, and discuss the purpose of this ritual in the novel

o CEREMONY OF 12 SIMULATION – students are assigned a role and must either journal about it, or apply for a new role.

o SEEING BEYOND ACTIVITY – students will be exposed to optical illusions which allow them to empathize with Jonas’ ability to see beyond.

o MEMORY ACTIVITY – students receive new memories from the Giver and discuss their impact and importance. They also work together to share an important historical memory.

o NO PAIN ACTIVITY – students will watch a video and read an article to learn what it would be like to feel no pain. They will also discuss a world without emotional pain.

o CHILDREN ACTIVITY – students will read an article on the one-child policy in China to empathize with Jonas’ community. They will also share their feelings on this practice.

o POST-READING ASSIGNMENTS – 4 post reading assignments that students can choose from after finishing The Giver (student differentiation). 

o Writing The Giver’s Speech To The Community

o Creating a Giver Soundtrack

o Responding To Lois Lowry’s Newbery Acceptance Speech

o Writing Jonas’ Journal 


• Plot Diagram worksheet for students to complete post-reading. Answer key is included 


• 9 Essay Topics for students to choose from

• MLA Formatting Guidebook (requires double sided photocopying)

• 2 Graphic organizers for essay pre-writing


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