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Wonder Activity Bundle - Creative Novel Activities and Assignments includes 11 fun and engaging activities and assignments to help students respond to Wonder by R.J Palacio. Help your students form connections and analyze the novel with these high-interest activities and assignments. The activities were created to allow students to form text connections, analyze characters, understand the plot, symbolism, and much more!

Included in the Wonder Activity Bundle:
Part 1: August

➡️ Wonder Hashtag Quote of the Week: This interactive poster display includes inspiring quotes from the novel with hashtags that share which character in the novel said the quote. The quotes are carefully selected to be thought-provoking and can be used as a discussion prompt. The resource comes with an assignment that allows students to respond to and reflect on each quote!

➡️ Wonder Poster and Bookmarks: The poster and bookmarks feature the most popular quote from the novel, Mr. Browne's first precept, "When given the choice between being right and being kind, choose kind." - Dr. Wayne W. Dyer Give the bookmarks out as a gift at the start of the unit!

➡️ Wonder Advice for Auggie Assignment: In the novel, August feels completely betrayed by Jack at the end of part 1 and does not want to return to school. This assignment will have students take on the perspective of other characters to give advice to August in this situation. This Wonder character assignment promotes higher-order thinking and empathy as it requires students to take on perspectives different from their own.

Part 2: Via

➡️ Writing Via's Diary Entry:
In part 2 of the novel, the reader learns a great deal about Via. Have students use this character assignment to put Via's thoughts and feelings into writing with a diary entry from her perspective. Also included is a poster so you can easily display student work on a bulletin in your class or hallway. This assignment allows for a creative way to show character analysis!

Part 3: Summer

➡️ Wonder Random Act of Kindness Activity:
In part 3 of the novel, Summer sees August sitting alone and decides to sit with him. This random act of kindness leads to a strong friendship that remains throughout the novel. Help students bring this element of the novel into their own lives by completing their own kind acts.

Part 4: Jack

➡️ Wonder Song Lyrics Assignments: F
ind connections between song lyrics and themes and ideas that emerge in the novel Wonder by R.J. Palacio! The assignment allows students to use their analysis and critical thinking skills to apply song lyrics to themes and content from the plot, characters, conflict, and mood of the novel.

Part 5: Justin

➡️ Justin's Internet History Assignment:
Your internet browsing history reveals a lot about your personality. Students will share what they think would be the top four websites (real or imagined) that Justin would most frequently visit during this part of the novel.

Part 6: August

➡️ Mr. Brown's Precepts Posters & Activity: I
n the novel, Mr. Brown shares ten thought-provoking quotes, and these posters allow you to share them with your students in a beautiful classroom display. Also included is a fun activity where students write their own precepts on postcards to display in the classroom!

Part 7: Miranda

➡️ Wonder Self-Portrait Activity:
In the novel, there are illustrations and quotes at the beginning of each new part to represent different characters in the novel. Students will make a connection to this by creating their own self-portraits inspired by the illustrations in the novel. They will also write a quote that represents them. This is a creative and artistic way for students to connect to the novel, and it also looks great on display!

Part 8: August

➡️ Wonder Astronaut Helmet Symbolism Assignment:
Have your students examine the symbolic meaning of August's astronaut helmet to different characters in Wonder by R.J. Palacio. In the novel, August's helmet holds different meanings for different characters in the novel. This graphic organizer has students refer back to the text to consider the symbolism of the astronaut helmet to four different characters in the novel. A detailed answer key is also provided for easy grading or class review!


➡️ Wonder Allusion WebQuest:
This is a fun and creative way to help your students understand the allusions made in the novel, Wonder by R.J. Palacio. The author incorporated many different allusions and references in the novel like Doogie Howser, Mr. T, Pac-Man, and much more! Help your students build their context of these references by having them research the allusions made in the text! This is an assignment your students will love to complete.

➡️ Wonder Plot Diagram:
Students will use this ready-to-use template to write what happens in the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution of Wonder by R.J. Palacio. This is a useful assignment for students to show their understanding of plot structure using a story arc template. Also included is a detailed answer key that outlines the key moments of the plot in each of the areas of the plot diagram.

>>>This resource is included in my unit plan for the novel!

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