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The Reading Mysteries Program is a full-year, 40-week close reading digital and print program for middle and high school English language arts teachers that challenges students to look for text evidence, infer information, and read more closely. It includes everything you need to facilitate 40 fun and engaging reading mysteries in your ELA classroom.

This is a bundle of both the digital and print versions of the program. The print version includes PowerPoint presentations and printable files, while the digital version is meant to be completed on a device and uses Google Slides.

Included in your purchase:

  • 40 teacher presentations in PowerPoint and Google Slides formats that guide the mysteries with the backstory, evidence, the answer, and detailed explanations for why each suspect is innocent and why the culprit is guilty.
  • 40 print classroom posters corresponding to each of the mysteries that you can put up on the door to hook students into the activities.
  • 40 original print and digital narrative backstories that set up and initiate each of the mysteries.
  • A variety of digital and print clues that require students to close read and use their inference skills. The evidence comes in the form of text messages, posters, emails, forms, conversations, websites, social media, newspaper articles, and much more! Each mystery has unique evidence specifically tailored to the story.
  • Graphic organizers and final digital response slides where students can keep track of their findings that support or refute different suspects for each of the mysteries.
  • Detailed teacher answer keys in print and digital formats.

How each of the mysteries works:

  • For each mystery, use the PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation to guide students through each element of the lesson. The slides will help you introduce the story and evidence to each of the groups.
  • Provide the digital or print evidence to students and allow them time to make their predictions and inferences and solve the mystery.
  • Once each group has made their final prediction, use the PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation to reveal the culprit and go through each of the suspects to show the evidence of their innocence or guilt.

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