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Use this nonfiction article, lesson, and activities bundle to meet your informational text standards. The resource includes everything you need to teach, assess, and practice close and critical nonfiction reading.   The article included is about phone vs. in-person communication, and the risks associated with cell phone interactions rapidly replacing our human ones. 

Please note that this is included in my nonfiction Article of the Week Full-Year Program.   

Included in your purchase:

  • A teacher slideshow presentation in PowerPoint format that guides you through each element of the lesson.  The slides include pre-reading discussion questions, prompts for each of the activities, answer keys for review, and a related video link.
  • An original nonfiction article on the topic of phone vs. in-person communication that your students will love. 
  • A reading response assignment that allows students to dig deeper into the text and meet informational text curriculum standards.
  • A detailed teacher answer key for easy marking or class review.
  • A link to a related video and a video writing prompt for students to make a text-to-self connection. 
  • A creative assignment where students must examine three scenarios and determine if they require text or in-person interaction.

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