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The Nonfiction Article of the Week is a full-year, 40-week informational text program for middle and high school English language arts teachers that includes high-interest articles, instruction slides, standards-based reading responses, videos, and creative assignments.

Included in your purchase:

  • 40 teacher slideshow presentations in PowerPoint format that guide you through each element of the lessons.  The slides include pre-reading discussion questions, prompts for each of the activities, answer keys for review, and a related video link.  
  • 40 Original nonfiction articles on high-interest topics that students will love.  They cover a wide variety of topics and address nearly all of the informational text standards. 
  • 40 Reading response assignments that allow students to dig deeper into the text and meet informational text curriculum standards.
  •  Detailed teacher answer key for easy marking or class review.
  •  Links to related video and prompt for each lesson where students can make text-to-self connections. 
  • 40 creative assignments that allow students to explore important elements from the lesson and meet even more reading and writing standards.

How it works: 

  • Each week, introduce the lesson by using the included pre-lesson discussion questions that will activate students’ background knowledge of the topic of the article. 
  • Then, read the article with students or have them read it independently or in a small group.  Mixing up the reading format is always a great strategy. 
  • After students have read the article, have them complete the reading response assignment to demonstrate their comprehension and analysis of the text. 
  • Show students the included related video and discuss how it connects with the article that they read. 
  • Assign the creative assignment that allows students to explore the topic further and meet more reading and writing standards. 

Topics addressed in the resource: 

  • Citing text evidence
  • finding the main idea
  • vocabulary in context
  • author's point of view
  • author's purpose
  • evaluating arguments
  • comparing and contrasting
  • inferring information
  • figurative language
  • author's tone
  • text features
  • examining bias
  • sharing an opinion
  • analyzing quotes
  • surveying
  • problem and solution
  • cause and effect
  • allusion
  • evaluating grammar
  • word choice
  • examining analogies
  • categorizing information
  • oxymorons & puns
  • non-fiction genres
  • supporting details
  • locating irony
  • examining graphics
  • writing questions
  • the 5 Ws
  • researching
  • charts and graphs
  • making predictions
  • making connections
  • critical thinking/judgements
  • explaining idioms
  • exploring text structure
  • pros and cons
  • summarizing
  • examining writing style
  • writing types (persuasive, narrative, descriptive, opinion, instructional)

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