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Inference can be a difficult skill for students to understand. This resource makes it more relevant and is sure to be a hit in your students! Your purchase includes 7 pages of worksheets that allow students to practice inferring and predicting with song lyrics. I usually let students listen to the song before hand, then show them the music video afterwards (Teacher should always preview the video to make sure it is appropriate for their students). 


→ Black Cadillac by Carrie Underwood

→ Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake

→ Teardrops on my Guitar by Taylor Swift

→ Someone Like You by Adele.



♥ One of my favorite resources found on TPT so far!

♥ THIS WAS AWESOME! My kids loved it! Even in an urban setting, the music had them pulled in as it was still modern. So we even added a few of our own appropriate rap songs! GREAT WAY TO ENGAGE!

♥ I had to tell you right away that this lesson was such a huge hit that kids were talking about it and couldn't wait to get to class! I played the music clips as we analyzed and discussed the lyrics. Thanks for a great lesson that was extremely engaging, required little to no planning, and no correcting! 

PLEASE NOTE: Before making your purchase, be sure to take a look at the lyrics to these songs online to make sure they are appropriate for your students (radio versions of the lyrics are used).

Also note that the lyrics are NOT included in the worksheets as a result of copyright laws, but links to printable lyrics are provided to use in conjunction with the worksheets! 


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