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Holes Unit Plan Digital and Print Bundle includes everything you need to teach Holes by Louis Sachar. With more than 240+ print-ready and digital slides and pages of resources, there will be absolutely no prep required. This novel unit includes eye-catching Google Slides and PowerPoiint presentation slides, print-ready and digital assignments, questions, vocabulary, quizzes, and interactive class activities.

This is a BUNDLE of my print and digital versions of the Holes Unit Plan. Click the links below if you do not require both options:

What Teachers Are Saying About The Holes Unit Plan:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This is the best resource I have bought on Teachers Pay Teachers in the past 7 years! Thank you for the effort put forth.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ One of the best resources I have bought. Awesome!!!!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The fact that the power points are prepped for vocabulary and chapter questions is a lifesaver! The additional activities and chapter analysis add so much to the unit and reading of the book. A thorough, time-saving unit!

Included in The Holes Unit Plan - Digital Print Bundle:

➡️ Holes Introductory Presentation: Start the Holes unit plan with this interactive PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation that includes pre-reading discussion questions, an interactive class activity, a biography of Louis Sachar, a fun review quiz, novel context and reception, and background information on the novel.

➡️ Holes Summary Digital and Print Cards: These digital and print summary cards are an excellent classroom reference for both teacher and student. These 9 printable or slide cards outline the most important plot moments from Holes organized by chapter sets. Simply print and cut out the cards or share them with students, and you have a resource available that can be used as a tool for struggling readers, as a quick way to find plot moments, or as a tool to find text evidence during essay writing.

➡️ Holes Print and Google Forms Quizzes: Included are nine quizzes to assess student comprehension of the novel. Each quiz includes six multiple-choice questions and two quotes that students must respond to by sharing context. For each quote, students are required to explain what is happening at that point in the plot with any relevant information. Print and digital versions are included with answer keys.

➡️ Holes Vocabulary Booklet and Slides: Help students learn new vocabulary words from the novel during your Holes unit plan with this ready-to-use resource. This resource helps students hone their skills in using context clues to determine the meaning of new words as they are used within Holes. Included is a vocabulary booklet (digital and print format) organized by chapter sets where students read the new word in a quote from the novel and infer its meaning. Then, they look up the definition to see if they were correct. Google Slides and PowerPoint slides are included for easy class review or grading.

➡️ Holes Questions and Answers: This resource includes novel reading questions organized by chapters that include comprehension and analysis questions. It also includes a Google Slides and PowerPoint presentation to review the answers with students. The answers are detailed and include text evidence for support.

➡️ Holes Analysis Notes: This Holes unit plan also includes a 30-slide PowerPoint and Google Slides presentation that shares some of the most important literary elements in Holes organized by chapter set. The notes address setting, conflict, theme, tone, characterization, symbolism, and more. The notes can be used for students to copy, or they can be used as discussion starters. After using this presentation, your students will have a much deeper understanding of the novel.

➡️ Holes Writing Prompts - Video Clips: Help your students make connections to the novel with these video journals. Students will watch a short video clip on YouTube that relates to a topic, theme, or idea presented in the novel. A related journal prompt is included and students share their thoughts and ideas in writing. The videos are not specific to the novel, but they relate in a way that allows students to make a text-to-self or text-to-world connection. YouTube is required & teachers should always preview the videos to make sure they are appropriate for their particular students.

➡️ Holes Figurative Language: Cover common figurative language and literary devices while reading Holes! This resource includes figurative language assignments (digital and print) with examples from the novel. Students read the examples and determine what figurative language is being used.

This Holes Unit Plan also includes creative assignments and activities for each chapter set. You can learn more about what's included below:

Chapters 1 - 5 

➡️ Holes Characters Graphic Organizer: Use this digital or print graphic organizer as a way for your students to record information they learn about characters from Holes as they are reading the novel. A detailed answer key is provided for easy review!

➡️ Holes Palindromes Activity: The main character of the novel has a very unique name, Stanley Yelnats, which is a palindrome! A palindrome is a word that is read the same way forward as it is backward. This assignment will allow students to understand the meaning of palindromes and guess words that are palindromes based on clues provided. For example, students might receive the clue, "You might see a checkered flag wave when this vehicle crosses the finish line." The answer? RACECAR!

Chapters 6 - 8

➡️ Holes Elya Plot Diagram: This plot diagram assignment includes a ready-to-use template in print or digital format for students to write what happens in the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution of the Elya and Madame Zeroni plot line in Holes by Lois Lowry. This is a useful assignment for students to show their understanding of plot structure using a story arc template. Also included is a detailed answer key that outlines the key moments of the plot in each of the areas of the plot diagram.

Chapters 9 - 13

➡️ Holes Pig Latin Activity: During the novel, the reader learns that X-Ray's nickname is Pig Latin for his real name, Rex! Use this interesting text detail to teach your students how to speak, read, and understand the Pig Latin language in minutes with this fun activity. Not only does this resource engage your students, but it is also great for practicing their problem-solving and decoding skills.

Chapters 14 - 20

➡️ Camp Green Lake Brochure: In the novel, Stanley is being punished for a crime he didn't commit and is sent to Camp Green Lake. Students will take what they learn about the setting and create a promotional digital or print brochure for Camp Green Lake using what they have learned in the novel. This assignment allows students to explore the setting and some of the characters they encounter in their reading.

Chapters 21- 27

➡️ Racism Historical Context Assignment: In the novel, Sam and Kate are subjected to cruel racism by the townspeople. Help your students understand the historical context of this event in the novel by teaching them about the journey toward racial equality in the United States. They will learn about Jim Crowe Laws, the Civil Rights Movement, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., The March on Washington and more. The digital or print assignment has students fill in the information they learn about specific topics. An answer key is also provided for you to review with your students.

Chapters 28 - 32

➡️ Kissin' Kate Barlow Wanted Poster: In the novel, the reader learns a great deal about Kate Barlow. Kate loses her beloved, Sam, to cruel violence driven by racism. This act turns her into the infamous outlaw, Kissin' Kate Barlow. Have your students demonstrate their understanding of character by creating a digital or print Wanted poster for Kissin' Kate Barlow.

Chapters 33 - 39

➡️ Lizard Research Assignment: At Camp Green Lake, the most feared creature is the deadly yellow-spotted lizard that lurks inside the holes the boys are digging. While this type of lizard doesn't really exist, there are lots of other interesting lizards that your students can research! This creative nonfiction digital or print assignment allows students to research a lizard of their choice and share what they learn with the class.

Chapters 40 - 45

➡️ Stanley and Zero Venn Diagram Comparison: In the novel, Stanley and Zero are initially perceived to be complete opposites. As the plot develops, however, the reader begins to realize that they have far more in common than it first appears. Have them complete this digital or print Venn Diagram to compare these two important characters and use the answer key to review.

➡️ Family Tree Assignment: In the novel, the reader learns a great deal about Stanley Yetnats’ family history. Students will make a text connection by creating their own family tree with the help of their parents or guardians. The assignment is also inclusive in that it allows students flexibility in the definition of family. The directions state that family can come in different forms, so students have the option to share about those who are like family (mentors, teachers, close friends, or community members) if they feel more comfortable doing that.

➡️ Create Your Own Nickname: In the novel, the boys at Camp Green Lake have nicknames that relate to their personalities. Some examples include Caveman, X-Ray, Squid, Armpit, and Magnet. This has students apply this idea to their own life by giving themselves their own fitting nickname with a justification for why they made this specific choice.

➡️ Final Creative Project: Allow students to choose from seven creative project ideas to finish off the novel (digital or print). They can write a book of poetry, create a soundtrack for the novel, write an extra chapter, create a comic strip, write diary entries, give a monologue, or record a podcast.

What Teachers Are Saying About The Holes Unit Plan:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This is a great resource with very engaging activities. My students really liked the lessons and insisted on going by their Camp Green Lake nicknames for the entire time during summer school. I did not need to plan a thing, just printed off the resources and enjoyed reading with my students. It made my life very easy during summer school.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I LOVE PRESTO PLANS! Best novel studies I have found! Fun activities mixed in with more standards-aligned which makes it extremely engaging for students.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ My students really enjoyed this. It has lots of activities that reach a wide range of students. Thank you!


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