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Brighten up your classroom and inspire your students with these 40 posters of hashtag quotes from some of the most important and influential people in history. Change the poster up once a week for a "History Hashtag Of The Week" to last you the whole year! (poster for weekly display included!) Each poster includes a quote, a picture of the person, a hashtag of the person's name, as well as a brief sentence about who they are/what they are known for. 

Also included is a weekly activity where students can respond to the quote and consider how it relates to their world and if they agree with the quote or not. Have the whole class complete the assignment, or use it as an enrichment activity for your more curious students.

Although this would be ideal in a history or social studies class, it also makes for great discussion in almost any subject!



Martin Luther King, Jr.

Clara Barton

Queen Elizabeth I


Mother Teresa

Nelson Mandela

Oliver Cromwell

Alexander The Great

Susan Anthony

Rosa Parks

Abraham Lincoln

Elizabeth Blackwell

Leonardo Da Vinci

Catherine The Great

George Washington

Indira Gandhi

Napoleon Bonaparte

Margaret Thatcher

Christopher Columbus

Orville Wright

Joan of Arc

Helen Keller

Che Guevara

Harriet Tubman

Malcolm X

Henry VIII

Thomas Edison


Winston Churchill

Franklin D Roosevelt

Julius Caesar

Genghis Khan

Marie Antoinette

Queen Victoria

Amelia Earhart

Benjamin Franklin

Florence Nightingale

Mahatma Gandhi

Maya Angelou

John F. Kennedy


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