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Help your students gain knowledge of important world events and influential people with these history bell-ringers to last you the entire year! Each slide gives students information about an interesting historical or cultural event/person related to every single date in the year.

Also included is a weekly activity where students can record the information they learn and do further research on the topic. Use as weekly assignment or as an enrichment activity.

Although this would be ideal in a history or social studies class, it also makes for great discussion in almost any subject and gets the students working as soon as they enter the class. The topics cover sports, politics, inventions, science, music, movies and much more! Also included on somme of the slides are links to over 100 related videos (YouTube required).



♥ This is such a fun way to start my class each day! The students are enjoying sharing out their facts each day, I have made it a little competition and the "In addition I learned" aspect of this assignment has exploded with all of us learning together! Thanks 

♥ This is a great resource. My students and I love learning about events that occurred on that day, it keeps history relevant and interesting. 

♥ I teach a LA/SS 7th grade block, and I bought these to mark the transition to social studies. They have been a huge hit with my students, inspiring some very thoughtful conversations. 

♥ This is an amazing product that gets us all ready to learn for the day. Be prepared...it spawns many questions from the students which is AWESOME! We have even ran with those teachable moments and used the slides as mini research projects. Thank you! 

*Please note that some of the topics covered may be too mature for middle school.


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