Hamlet Activity - Ophelia Song Analysis and Music Playlist Creative Assignment

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Hamlet Activity - Ophelia Song Analysis and Music Playlist Creative Assignment is a creative activity that will allow your students to explore the character of Ophelia in Hamlet by William Shakespeare. They'll examine her character in the context of modern music with two creative assignments. First, students will analyze the song "Ophelia" by The Lumineers and answer questions that will help students connect the lyrics and music video to Shakespeare's play. Then, they will create a playlist of three songs that connect to Ophelia’s character before designing cover art for the playlist!

Included in this Hamlet Activity - Ophelia Song Analysis and Music Playlist:

➡️ Ophelia Activity Presentation Slides: Use the slideshow presentation to lead your students through each step of the lesson. The presentation covers a range of topics, including discussion questions, historical context regarding Ophelia and her lasting mythology, and Shakespeare's connection to music. It also introduces the various activities included in the lesson plan.

➡️ Ophelia’s Song Activity: Kickstart the lesson by distributing the "Ophelia’s Song" handout and using the slides to introduce this initial activity. Students will compare Ophelia's character in Hamlet to the song "Ophelia" by The Lumineers. A detailed answer key is provided for easy grading or review.

➡️ Ophelia’s Playlist Assignment: In Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, Ophelia is presented as a vulnerable character who lacks control over her destiny. Her personal thoughts, desires, and aspirations are suppressed in the male-dominated play. Students will create a playlist of songs that relate to Ophelia's character and experience in the play. They will justify their choices with text evidence.

➡️ Ophelia’s Playlist Cover Design Assignment: Once students have selected the songs, they will create cover art for Ophelia’s playlist using the provided template. They will use text evidence from Shakespeare’s Hamlet to create the imagery for your cover art, incorporating symbols, colors, moods, and settings that relate to Ophelia.

➡️ Hamlet Activity - Ophelia's Playlist Rubric: Use the included rubric to grade students on their song choices and cover art design assignments.

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