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This resource allows students to edit grammar, spelling, and punctuation in a fun and modern way! Students will have the chance to read social media status updates to find errors and correct them!



• 45 status updates for students to edit in task card format

• Detailed answer key in task card format

• A bell-ringer Powerpoint presentation to go over all of the edits with your students with detailed explanations for all changes

• Student worksheets with all status' written for easy printing



♥ My students love doing these. There are no complaints about practicing sentence correction skills when these are used.

♥ Amazing! My kids loved that it was relevant to their lives and they understood. We had a blast doing this!

♥ I am using these right now as bell ringers for my 9th graders and we are enjoying them. They have them on a handout and then we go over their answers on the Power Point which does a great job of explaining why the corrections are made. The students are both reviewing and learning in this short time at the beginning of class. Great resource.

♥ This activity has come in handy so much for me this year! I love how it also gets students learning about how this applies to their lives and experiences. The post topics vary, which makes it more engaging for everyone! Thank you!



This product can be used in a few different ways:

1. Social Media Slip Up of the Week (Bell Ringers): Pass out the work pages to your students at the start of the course. Introduce one of the status updates to your class per week for 45 weeks as bell ringers. Everyone makes the edits on their own (or you can do it in groups or pairs). Then, you can use the Powerpoint to go over the update together as a class.

2. Writing Centers: Include a packet of the task cards at a writing center where students can choose which updates to work on. Edits can be made on the task card or using the work pages.

3. Pair Work:

Give each pair of students a task card and have them complete it together. Then, each pair can present the status to the class and share what edits they made. The class can give further suggestions. Use the Powerpoint to check their work!

4. Group Work:

Give a group of three or four students one of the task cards and have them come to an agreement about the edits to make and the rewritten update. The group can present the update to the class when they are finished and explain the changes they made. Use the Powerpoint to check their work!


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