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Engage your students as soon as they walk in the room with these high-interest, weekly grammar bell ringers that will last you the entire school year! The bell-ringers allow students to correct grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors. The readings also include lots of interesting modern topics that students will love.



• A 40 slide Powerpoint presentation with high-interest paragraphs that contain errors. Use one bell-ringer a week to last you the entire year! When you click the slide, each error is revealed and edited (one at a time)! 

• Each of the 40 paragraphs in task card format for easy use in a center in your classroom. 

• A ready-to-print booklet with all paragraphs so students can keep it in their binder to for bell-ringers. 

• A teacher (or student) reference sheet that includes grammar rules and information for commas, homophones, numbers, subject/verb agreement, and capitalization. 


→ Comma usage

→ Semi-colon usage

→ End punctuation (?.!)

→ Dialogue punctuation

→ Homophones

→ Homonyms

→ Number rules

→ Subject/verb agreement

→ Capitalization

→ Articles

→ Proper spelling

→ Apostrophes

→ Run-on sentences

→ Fragments

→ Parallel structure

→ Comma splice



1. Mistakes Monday: Pass out the bell-ringer booklet version to your students at the start of the year. Introduce one of the paragraphs to your class per week for 40 weeks as bell-ringers. Everyone finds the errors on their own (or you can do it in groups or pairs). Then, you can use the Powerpoint to go over it together as a class. 

2. Writing/Reading Centers: Include a packet of the task cards at a center where students can choose which ones to work on. The work can be done on the task card or using the work booklet. Print out 6 slides per page on Powerpoint (option provided when you print) and keep an answer key booklet for students to check their work when they are done. 

3. Pair Work: Give each pair of students a task card and have them complete it together. Then, each pair can present the paragraph to the class and share what errors they found. 

4. Group Work: Give a group of three or four students one of the task cards and have them come to an agreement about the errors found. The group can present the paragraph to the class when they are finished and explain each of the errors.


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