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Bell ringers are an excellent way to engage your students as soon as they walk into your classroom. Begin each of your middle or high school English classes with these daily bell-ringer / warm ups routine! This comprehensive FULL YEAR resource includes everything you need to start each class off with an engaging activity! Please Note: The videos in this resource require the use of YouTube.



♥ This is one of the best products I've ever bought on TPT, and I've bought a lot! My students love the variety in the activities, I love the ease of use, and that everything is done for you! My administrators love how creative the prompts are and have commented on them in several observations. If you are going to buy any bell-ringer type activity, this is the product for you!

♥ I love these so much that I've purchased all 3 Volumes!! I appreciate the time and effort that you put into this resource to make my job easier!! Thank you!!

♥ I LOVE this resource! I have used all the volumes. I have continually received good reviews for classroom management because my students come in and know what to do! So often I am able to make connections to the lessons I'm teaching. The resource allows you to pick and choose and reorder the sections as you see fit.

♥ My students absolutely love these! I've purchased all three volumes of the bell ringers, and my students can't get enough of these. Students feel very comfortable commenting on what they like and do not like. I stopped using the bell ringers for about a week, as I thought they needed a little change. I received numerous requests to bring "the real bell ringers" back. The students have said that they enjoy the stories/information but do find them challenging. Also, they love watching and responding to the videos. The topics often spark great discussions. I've even had parents say that their children really enjoy what we're doing in class and our bell ringers! Fantastic!! These are worth more than the asking price! Thank you! Keep up the fabulous work!

♥ These are perfect for my short-attention span freshmen! They love the range of activities, and we have very interesting class discussions on the journal writing days.

♥ I am in my 4th week of using the Bellringers, and it has transformed the beginning of my classes! Students come in, pull out the Bellringer sheet and their home work and get working while I check the homework. One student told her grandma how much she loved English because Mrs. Phillips has something different everyday. She was talking about the bellringers. I am so delighted with this purchase!




Each of the 40 weeks has a folder that includes a Powerpoint with each of the slides organized by day as well as a weekly student handout. Pass the weekly sheet on Monday, and students use it to complete the bell ringers for that week! You can also print out all of the sheets at once and have students make a bell-ringer binder.


Students correct grammar errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation errors in engaging, high-interest readings. Includes:

• A 40 slide Powerpoint presentation with high-interest paragraphs that contain errors. Use one bell-ringer a week to last you the entire year! When you click the slide, each error is revealed and edited (one at a time)!

• Each of the 40 paragraphs in task card format for easy use in a center in your classroom.

• A ready-to-print booklet with all paragraphs so students can keep it in their binder to for bell-ringers.

• A teacher (or student) reference sheet that includes grammar rules and information for commas, homophones, numbers, subject/verb agreement, and capitalization. 


The bell-ringers allow students to guess the meaning of two new vocabulary words in context, and then look up the words to see if they were correct! The resource also includes task-card format, so they can easily be used in a reading or writing station. Included:

• A 40 slide Powerpoint presentation. Each slide has two sentences using a new vocabulary word. Students guess the meaning of the word based on how it is used in context, then look up the word to see if they are correct!

• Each of the 40 slides are also in task card format for easy use in a center in your classroom.

• A ready-to-print booklet (organized by week) so students can keep it in their binder to complete them as bell-ringers. 


These wise words bell-ringers will engage your students in reflection and writing! Each slide includes an inspirational quote from a famous person in history. Also included are print-ready response pages for the whole year. What's also great is that students learn about people in history as information is provided about the person who said the quote! Includes:

• 40 Slide Powerpoint that includes the quote, a short sentence about the person who said the quote, and reflection questions. 

• 20 Pages of student response sheets to last you the year (double side them to save paper!).

• A general, individual response sheet with prompting questions (2 sizes) 


Get your students' attention with these engaging video writing prompts! Student watch an engaging and relevant clip (less than 5 minutes) and respond to a writing prompt. Youtube is required for the video clips in this presentation. Includes: 

• A Powerpoint presentation with a total of 40 video clips and writing prompts. I have one day a week designated for a writing prompt, and these last the whole year by doing it this way!

• A journal response sheet for student use (2 sizes)

• An easy-to-use rubric that makes for quick marking 


These bell-ringers allow students to locate and label figurative language in examples (2 per week). The types of figurative language included in this resource are simile, metaphor, personification, onomatopoeia, oxymoron, idiom, hyperbole, allusion, alliteration, pun, assonance, synecdoche, and irony. Included: 

• A 40 slide Powerpoint presentation. Each slide has two examples using one or more types of figurative language. Once students have determined what types are used, simply click to reveal the answers!

• Each of the 40 slides are also in task card format for easy use in a center in your classroom.

• A ready-to-print booklet (organized by week) so students can keep it in their binder to complete them as bell-ringers. 


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