Funny Debate Topics - 40 Creative Discussion Debate Ideas for Middle or High

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Funny Debate Topics - 40 Creative Discussion Debate Ideas for Middle or High: Ignite lively debates and persuasive language skills with this ready-to-use resource. These debate topics with a twist will have your students laughing while engaging in lighthearted yet passionate debate. With this collection of funny debate topics on silly but contentious subjects like whether "Pineapple should be served on a pizza" or "A straw only has one hole," you will have even your most reluctant students expressing their opinions. The resource comes with 40 debate topics to use weekly to last you the school year. Begin by sharing these presentation slides or printable debate topic cards with students to prompt them into meaningful friendly debate.

Included in This Funny Debate Topics Resource:

➡️ Funny Debate Topics Teacher Presentation: Project each of the debate topics to your students with this eye-catching 40-slide PowerPoint presentation. Each slide includes a new debate topic as well as instructions that prompt students to take a stance, present their arguments, and determine who in the group has the most convincing take on the debate topic. These also work well as a fun writing prompt!

➡️ Printable Debate Topics Cards: Prompt your students into a lively debate with their peers with these 40 printable debate topic cards. Have students choose from the print-ready cards and engage in lively discussion about these funny debate topics in small groups. This is an alternative approach to the presentation format, where all students debate a single topic.

Examples of The Funny Debate Topics:

The resource comes with 40 funny debate topics with a twist. These silly but widely relevant and divisive topics will have students thinking outside the box. Here are some examples of the types of debate topics:
  • "Zombies are more dangerous than vampires."
  • "Being TikTok famous is better than being YouTube famous."
  • "It's acceptable to eat pizza with a knife and fork."
  • "Cereal is soup."
  • "It’s acceptable to use emojis in professional communication"
  • "It's better to be a sidekick than a superhero."
  • "Clowns are more scary than funny."
  • "Straws only have one hole."
  • "A hotdog is a sandwich."
and many many more!

Read What One Teacher Had to Say About These The Funny Debate Topics:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I was so pleasantly surprised at how much my students LOVED this activity. I set up the ground rules and made one side of the room the "agree" side and the other the "disagree" side, then they'd have 3 minutes to marshall their arguments and elect a speaker for each group. The speakers came to the front and presented their evidence and arguments and the class would vote on who won the debate. THEY LOVED IT. They were honest, open, engaged and completely on task. They want to do it every day. I will parlay some of these into writing topics. Truly worth every penny! Great resource.

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