Debate - Slides, Organizers, Worksheets, Handout, & Topics for Classroom Debates

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Debate - Slides, Organizers, Worksheets, Handout, & Topics for Classroom Debates: Elevate your classroom debates with this ready-to-use resource that has absolutely everything you need to set up and implement formal debates in your classroom. Debates are an excellent tool to enhance your students' research, writing, speaking, and listening skills. This resource provides a complete package, featuring slides, organizers, worksheets, handouts, and a selection of engaging debate topics. You will feel totally confident implementing debates in your classroom with these tools that cultivate a dynamic and enriching debate environment.

Included in This Classroom Debate Resources:

➡️ Classroom Debates Presentation Slides: Use this 17-slide PowerPoint presentation to introduce and guide you through the entire classroom debate process. The presentation includes the basics of what a debate is, its purpose, the difference between strong vs. weak topics, affirmative vs. negative positions, debate terms (i.e., constructive, dropped argument), the structure of a debate, and persuasive techniques to improve students' debate skills.

➡️ Choosing Topics Cards: Allow students some choice by using these chards that allow them to choose their preferred topics for debate. This will increase student buy-in and engagement.

➡️ Debates Graphic Organizers: Students will use these three graphic organizers to prepare for the classroom debate. There is an organizer for affirmative planning, negative planning, and considering the opposition (rebuttal).

➡️ Debate Structure Student Handout: Provide students with this debate process handout that will outline all the steps of a classroom debate structure. This will help students understand what is expected of them and will keep the debate running smoothly.

➡️ List of Debate Topics: Share this list of possible high-interest topics that students may be interested in.

➡️ Debates Classroom Poster: Welcome students to the classroom debate with this eye-catching classroom door poster that reads "Welcome to our Class Debate"

➡️ Affirmative and Negative Desk Cards: Place these foldable pop-up cards that read "Affirmative" and "Negative" on each of the debate tables to visually show which groups are arguing which points.

What Teachers Are Saying About This Classroom Debate Lesson:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I highly recommend any of your resources. This was such a fun way to have a class debate. Thank you. Please continue to post new resources. My students LOVE them. (so do I :)

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Stop searching around the internet. These sheets have a clear way to organize your debate. Always a must for the kids to have an organized sheet to aid them.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Great way to introduce how to debate. The handouts were great for students to prepare for their debate. It was music to my ears hearing them being so passionate about their topic and hearing them support their arguments. I highly recommend this product!

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