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Essay Writing Unit - Slides, Organizers & Assignments - Digital and Print Bundle: This digital and print essay bundle contains all the resources you will need to teach your high school (or late middle school) students proper essay writing. With engaging Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations, fun digital and print activities, graphic organizers, checklists, and more, your students will understand the essay writing process from start to finish.

This is a BUNDLE of my print and digital versions of our Essay Unit Plan. Click the links below if you do not require both options:

Included in This Digital and Print Essay Writing Unit:

➡️ 5 Paragraph Essay Resources: Teach essay structure with this ready-to-use digital and print lesson that reviews the most important elements students should know to write and format a 5-paragraph essay. The Google Slides and PowerPoint include lots of information and clear examples for students and uses a metaphor which compares writing an essay to making a sandwich. Your students will feel totally confident trying their hand at writing an essay after this lesson. Also included are four digital and print essay outline graphic organizers that students can use to plan and write their own essays as well as a checklist and a rubric.

➡️ Formal Writing Style: This digital and print resource was designed to enhance your students' writing by helping them employ a more formal writing style in their essays! Use the included Google Slides and PowerPoint presentation slides to guide the lesson, the student reference slides and pages on formal writing to give students a reference to use while writing their essays, and a fun digital and print practice assignment to allow students the opportunity to improve the formal writing style of sample sentences from essays!

➡️ Introduction to Plagiarism: Provide your students with the knowledge and skills to avoid plagiarism and uphold academic integrity with this ready-to-use plagiarism lesson, Google Slides, PowerPoint slides, and a creative digital and print assignment! This comprehensive resource includes everything you need to teach students about what plagiarism is, its consequences, and strategies to avoid it. The lesson also includes information on how to use MLA formatting to avoid plagiarism with quotations and in-text citations so students will be able to use others' words correctly! By integrating these resources into your classroom, you will empower your students to make informed choices, fostering a culture of academic integrity.

➡️ Writing a Thesis Statement: Help your students craft the perfect thesis statement for their essay with this ready-to-use lesson. A thesis statement is the main point or argument that will serve as the guide map for your essay. Because the rest of the essay will support your thesis statement, the thesis statement is perhaps the single most important element of any essay. The included Google Slides and PowerPoint slides, informative student reference slides, handouts, and a digital and print checklist are designed to help students with the challenge of crafting a strong thesis statement for their essays!

➡️ Integrating and Embedding Quotations: Help your students understand how to properly embed and integrate quotations into their academic essay writing with this ready-to-use resource. Use the included eye-catching Google Slides and PowerPoint slides to guide you through the lesson that is a guide for students in seamlessly integrating and embedding quotes in MLA format, empowering them to strengthen their arguments with proper citation. Also included are a detailed student reference slide and handbook for them to use as a reference during the essay writing process and a planning page where students can plan how they will introduce and cite their quotations. By using this resource, students not only enhance their integrating quotation skills, but they will also learn how to avoid plagiarism while reinforcing their claims. Elevate your students' essay-writing proficiency with this invaluable tool.

➡️ MLA Formatting Lesson: Help empower your students with a comprehensive understanding of MLA formatting with this ready-to-use resource tailored to the 9th edition. This digital and print bundle includes dynamic Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations, engaging activities, citation practice exercises, and digital and print task cards - all designed to guide students through the style of MLA formatting. Whether they are mastering the art of in-text citations during your essay unit or perfecting the nuances of the Works Cited page, these highly engaging resources ensure that your students navigate MLA guidelines effortlessly.

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