End of the Year Awards - Gen Z Slang Edition Student Awards Certificates

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End of the Year Awards - Gen Z Slang Edition Student Awards Certificates include 30 ready-to-print awards that are perfect for your classroom awards ceremony! Each of the award titles includes a popular slang term used by Gen Z with an explanation for why the student is receiving the award related to the definition of the expression or term (also included). For example, some awards included are The No Cap Award, The GOAT Award, The Stan Award, the Slay Award, the Hot Take Award, etc. All you have to do is print, sign, and date the student award certificate, and you are ready to celebrate your students!

Included This End of the Year Awards Gen Z Edition Set:

➡️ 30 Print-Ready End of the Year Gen Z Slang Awards: Each award features a different Gen Z slang expression or term that relates to a positive student quality! Definitions for each are also included. Simply print your awards, write the students’ names, sign and date, and you are ready to present your student awards.

➡️ Student Awards List: Help yourself stay organized by assigning each of the student awards quickly and easily with this list of all the awards and the qualities they are celebrating. This can also be used to have students vote for who they think should receive the student award.

➡️ Type Student Names in Version: This PowerPoint or Google Slides version allows you to type in each student’s name on the end of the year awards before printing! This will save you lots of time and will look great in print.

Sample Gen Z Slang End of the Year Student Awards:

Wondering how the slang terms connect to the student awards? Here are a few examples of the 30 included awards with their definitions and explanations for how they connect to a positive student quality:

  • The GOAT Award: GOAT is an acronym for "Greatest Of All Time." It is commonly used to describe someone considered the best or most talented in a particular field. The GOAT award honors the student recognized as the "Greatest Of All Time" in their contributions to the classroom, showing outstanding leadership.
  • No Cap Award: No cap means no lie or for real. Cap is another word for a lie, so no cap emphasizes when someone is being truthful. This award goes to a student who is honest, genuine, and authentic in all areas of their life, always speaking the truth and upholding the highest ethical standards.
  • The Stan Award: Stan is used to describe an extremely devoted fan. It can also be used as a verb to indicate fervent support or admiration for someone or something. This award goes to a student who is everyone’s biggest fan. They consistently uplift and support their peers, serving as a source of encouragement and positivity.

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