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End your school year by giving your students these 30 ready-to-print awards! Each of the awards uses a metaphor (comparison) to describe a student's personality. For example, The Butterfly Award goes to a student who has changed or transformed during the year, The Cupcake Award goes to a student who is sweet, The Firework Award goes to a lively or energetic student etc.! An explanation for why the student is receiving the award (related to the object/animal) is also included on the certificate. 

The awards come two per page and two different printing options are available. One allows you to cut around the image and the other has a square around it for quick slicing! 

A list of the awards is included for you to easily assign each award to students in your class, and a Powerpoint file is also included so you can type student names and dates in before you print! Click the preview button under the product images to see a few examples of the awards!


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