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Valentine's Day Escape Room Activity - Team Builder Breakout Game - Digital: Use this fun digital escape room activity around Valentine's Day to help foster classroom community and improve team-building and problem-solving skills. In this Valentine's Day digital escape room, students will work together to solve riddles, challenges, tasks, and puzzles to reverse the effects of a love potion gone wrong. There are some general challenges, but the escape room also meets ELA standards and skills like figurative language, homophones, and spelling! This works well as a Valentine's Day activity, but it can also be used at any time of the year.

This is a Google-compatible activity, and students complete all the work on the computer. This works well with distance learning, 1:1 classrooms, remote teaching, Google Classroom, or for online education.

How the Digital Valentine's Day Escape Room Activity Works:

Students will begin by reading a backstory that sets up the digital Valentine's Day escape room. When a love potion is accidentally added to the school dance punch, the teachers start acting strangely. The custodian is dancing with a broom, the music teacher is belting out love songs, and another teacher even drops down on one knee to propose! They must solve puzzles, riddles, and tasks to find the ingredients needed to make the antidote that will reverse the effects and save the dance.

Students will complete six different digital tasks, recording their answers to a series of Valentine's Day-themed puzzles, riddles, and tasks to reverse the effects of the potion! Below are the different stations included:
  • Spelling Sort: Students sort sentences based on whether they contain a spelling error or not to uncover a hidden word. 
  • Concealed Capitalization: Students will correct errors in capitalization in a text about romantic destinations to find a hidden word.
  • Homophone Cipher: Students will correct homophone errors and use a digital cipher wheel to uncover the next mystery word.
  • Reading Comprehension Multiple-Choice: Students will read a text about the history of Valentine's Day and answer multiple-choice questions to reveal the next mystery word.
  • Pictograms: Students will decipher pictograms to reveal hidden words related to Valentine's Day. Once they have them all, they will input them into a table to reveal the next hidden word.
  • Encrypted Message: Students will find love-inspired code images hidden throughout the digital escape room to crack an encrypted message that will help them reverse the love potion effects.

Included in the Digital Valentine's Day Escape Room Activity

➡️ Escape Room Narrative Backstory: Introduce the activity with this highly engaging narrative backstory that sets up the escape room and hooks students into this Valentine's escape room activity.

➡️ Student Instructions Story and Task Slides: Each of the six tasks includes slides to indicate the task number and type and student instructions written in the form of poems.

➡️ Escape Room Digital Activities: The resource comes with all the digital materials students need to complete the activities (spelling sort digital cards, concealed capitalization challenge, homophone digital cards, cipher wheel, multiple-choice mystery word reveal, pictogram rebus puzzle digital cards, encryption, student instructions, and much more!)

➡️ Teacher Answer Key: Use the included detailed teacher answer keys to check students’ work! This will help you determine a winner of this Valentine's Day escape room activity and can also be used as a way to review each of the stations with students after the escape room is complete.

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