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Gone are the days of boring book reports and reading responses. This multi-faceted paperless resource provides fun ready-to-use assignments that will work for any novel or short story that your students are reading. The best part is that students complete the assignments online! All of the one-page assignments are created with Google Slides and can easily be shared with Google Drive. You don't have to be a tech savvy person to make this work in your class! The detailed step-by-step instructions provided make it painless and easy.



• Detailed teacher instructions on how to send the assignment to your students, what students should do when they receive it, and how they should submit it to you. Students must have a Google Drive account set up to use this resource (free to set up!). 

• Student instructions which tells them how to access the assignment and how to submit it to you!

• 50 electronic assignments assignments that your students will actually enjoy doing! A rubric is also included for easy marking! The assignments can be used with ANY short story or novel. Some of the titles of the assignments include:

→ Character Selfies

→ Finding Foreshadowing

→ The Theme Machine

→ Litflix Playlist (Netflix themed)

→ Author Report Card

→ What's in a Name?

→ Literary Lyrics Rewrite

→ Courtroom Conflict

→ Character Yearbook: Most Likely To

→ Character College Application

→ Story Arc Mountaineer

These are just a few of the exciting assignments that your students can choose from.



♥ There is an assignment for every student in your class in this resource – even students who struggle or are reluctant to write. This is an excellent tool to differentiate in your classroom! 

♥ This is an AMAZING list of applicable projects to go with any novel! All my students have Google accounts, so they completed 3 projects of their choice and turned them in via the Google Classroom. Fun, fun, fun! 

♥ The layout really caught the attention of my students. They were actually excited to get started on these! 

♥ Really looking forward to using it this year! I have Vol 1 and my students LOVE them! 

These are so much more fun than asking kids to fill out standard reading logs. I love that there are so many options and I can print them or have my students work on them using google docs. It allows me to support ALL students the way they need.


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