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Christmas Escape Room – Escape the North Pole is a fun digital activity to use around the holidays to help foster classroom community and improve team-building and problem-solving skills. In this Christmas digital escape room, students will solve riddles, challenges, tasks, and puzzles to escape the North Pole. There are some general challenges, but the escape room also meets ELA standards and skills like figurative language, homophones, and spelling!

This is a Google-compatible activity, and students complete all the work on the computer. This works well with distance learning, 1:1 classrooms, remote teaching, Google Classroom, or for online education.

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How the Christmas Digital Escape Room – Escape the North Pole Works:

Students will begin by reading a backstory that sets up the Christmas escape room. A group of friends are at the Holiday Extravaganza event at their school. While admiring the Santa’s workshop display, they are magically transported to the North Pole, where they are greeted by an elf named Jingles. They must solve puzzles, riddles, and tasks to have a chance to get back to school!

Students will then complete six tasks, recording their answers to a series of Christmas-themed puzzles, riddles, and tasks to make their way back to school for the holiday party! Below are the different tasks included:
  • Maze Riddle: Students will make their way through the Candy Cane Digital Maze to uncover a hidden riddle. 
  • Figurative Language in Christmas Carols: Students will determine what types of figurative language are used in Christmas carols and input them into a table to reveal a hidden mystery word.
  • Hidden Homophones: Students will read an article about Santa’s reindeer and locate misused homophones. The first letter of each of the homophones reveals a mystery word! 
  • Secret Pictogram Story: Students will read a story that has coded pictograms included. They must decipher the codes to reveal a mystery word. 
  • Spelling Tower: Students will sort digital sentence strips based on whether they have spelling errors to reveal two mystery words in the spelling tower key. 
  • Encrypted Message: Students will use snowflake code hidden throughout the escape room to crack an encrypted message that will help them escape the North Pole!
Please note: Students will need to have a basic understanding of figurative language terms before beginning the escape room (metaphor, personification, simile, metaphor, oxymoron, allusion, hyperbole, and alliteration).

Included in the Christmas Escape Room – Escape the North Pole: 

Escape Room Narrative Backstory: Introduce the activity with this highly engaging one-page narrative backstory that sets up the escape room and hooks students into this Christmas escape room activity.

➡️ Student Instructions and New Location Introductions for Each Task: Each of the six tasks has instructions written in the form of poems. Each of the tasks also has an introduction to a unique location at the North Pole, including The Candy Cane Café, Mrs. Claus’ Jingle Jam Studio, The Reindeer Stables, The Gingerbread Gym, Frosty’s Snowball Arena, and Santa’s Workshop.

➡️ Escape Room Activities: The resource comes with all the digital files students need to complete the activities (digital maze riddle, figurative language in Christmas carols digital cards, hiding homophones challenge, pictogram story activity, spelling digital tower sort, and encryption activity).

➡️ Teacher Answer Key: Use the included detailed teacher answer keys to check students’ work! This will help you determine a winner of this Christmas escape room teambuilder and can also be used as a way to review each of the tasks with students after the escape room is complete.

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