Christmas Close Reading Digital Inference Mystery - Who Stole Santa's Gifts?

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Christmas Close Reading Mystery Inference Digital Activity – Who Stole Santa’s Gifts?: This Christmas close reading activity is a fun way to engage your students and challenge them to look for text evidence, infer information, and read more closely. The digital resource includes everything you need to facilitate the activity in your classroom.

On the night before Christmas, Santa’s sleigh sets off with the first round of presents. He heads down the first chimney to indulge in some milk and cookies before beginning his deliveries, and when he returns he has a shocking revelation: the gifts have vanished! Whether taken from the North Pole or during his cookie snack break, students must solve the mystery of the stolen presents to save Christmas!

This is a Google-compatible activity, and students complete all the work on the computer. This works well with distance learning, 1:1 classrooms, remote teaching, Google Classroom, or for online education.

Included In This Christmas Close Reading Digital Activity:

➡️ Google Slides Presentation: These Google Slides guide the mystery with the backstory, evidence, the culprit reveal, and detailed explanations for why each suspect is innocent and why the culprit is guilty.

➡️ Original Narrative Backstory: Use this digital short story to set up and initiate the mystery, with clues hidden within the text!

➡️ A Variety of Digital Clues and Evidence: These require students to close read and use their inference skills. There is an email, a text message, a naughty or nice list, a letter, a Santa’s Workshop incident report, a note from a child, a petition, and a social media message conversation

➡️ “Who Stole The Gifts from Santa's Sleigh” Digital Graphic Organizer: Students can use this to keep track of their findings that support or refute different suspects in the mystery.

➡️ Teacher Answer Key: This is made available in student slide format and within the Google Slides teacher slideshow to make reviewing students’ work a breeze.

How The Christmas Close Reading Digital Activity Works:
  • Decide whether you want students to work in partners, groups, or independently for the activity.
  • Use the Google Slides presentation to guide you through each element of the lesson. The slides will help you introduce the story and evidence to students.
  • Share the digital file with students and allow them time to make their predictions and inferences and solve the mystery.
  • Once students have made their final prediction, use the Google Slides presentation to reveal the culprit and go through each of the suspects to show the evidence of their innocence or guilt.

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