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Introduce new vocabulary words to your middle and high school students using this word of the day/week resource! You can choose to introduce a new word everyday for 10 weeks, or choose one day a week and have this last the entire school year!



50 Slide Powerpoint Presentation/Posters: Each slide includes a new vocabulary term with it's part of speech, pronunciation, definition, and an example. The presentation slides can also be printed for an easy classroom display! 

50 Slide Bell-Ringer Presentation: Each slide includes the word used in a sentence. The students have to determine the meaning of the word based on the context. Once they have guessed, simply click and the definition will appear. 

Bulletin Board Display: Title posters you can use to set up a "Word of the Day" or "Word of the Week" display board. 

Quick Reference Lists: Use these lists to easily keep track of which words were covered each week. Also great to give to students to help them stay organized 

Quizzes: Five fill in the blank quizzes to use either every two or every ten weeks (depending if you choose to do word of the day or week). Answer keys are included! 

Word Cards: Cards for students to fill in after a new word is introduced. They will need to find synonyms and antonyms on their own, and come up with their own sentences using the word! 

Wondering if these words are appropriate for your students? Below is a sample of some of the words included!

• Auspicious

• Evanescent

• Facetious

• Hubris

• Mendacious

• Abjure

• Incognito

• Miserly

• Omnipotent

• Paradigm

• Subjugate

• Usurp

• Contrive

• Facile

• Pious



♥ This will be great to use for the coming school year as a major time saver for me and a challenge for my students!

♥ I use this for "Word of the Week" with my grade 8 students. They love writing out a sentence that includes a teacher from the school. We post it on our bulletin board outside the classroom, and weekly, the teachers come by to see if any students have written about them! 

♥ As usual, everything from you is just what I want - or didn't even know I needed.


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