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Teach Lamb to the Slaughter by Roald Dahl with this ready to use resource bundle that has everything you need to teach the spooky short story.



→ A 26 Slide PowerPoint presentation that guides you through all elements of the lesson including author biography, discussion questions, analysis (dramatic irony, theme, etc.), a video interpretation, and much more.

→ Analysis questions that allow students to show their understanding as well as dig deeper into analyzing the text. A teacher answer key is included.

→ A plot diagram assignment where students drag cards to the appropriate place on the plot diagram to reveal a mystery word.

→ A creative writing assignment where students take on the role of Mary Maloney and write diary entries at different points in the story.

→ A creative assignment where students take on the role of Jack Noonan and fill out a police report after visiting the Maloney household.

→ A 30 minute film version of the story with a comparison assignment.


***Due to copyright restrictions, I am unable to include the full text of the story. You can access the story in many textbooks, or you can search "Lamb To The Slaughter Full Text" in an Internet search engine to locate a printable copy of the story! ***

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