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Teach The Landlady by Roald Dahl to get your middle/high school students in the Halloween spirit! This resource can be used during the Halloween season, but can also be used at any other time during the year!


• 26 Slide PowerPoint presentation to guide you through the lesson. It includes author and short story background info, predictions, vocabulary, analysis notes, and much more.

• Analysis questions that allow students to show their comprehension and analysis of the text. 

• A vocabulary activity that has students pair examples from the text with challenging terms to their definition to reveal a mystery word.

• A character analysis activity where students use text evidence to support character traits for the two main characters.

• A newspaper article writing assignment where students write a headline article for what happens to Billy after the story ends.

• A link to watch a film interpretation of the story. 


*** Please note that due to copyright reasons, the full text of the story is NOT included. If you would like a copy of the story, you can search "The Landlady Full Text" in an internet search engine. ***

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