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If you are new to interactive notebooks, this easy-to-use resource is an excellent introduction as it requires very little prep work, and everything is done for you. It is intended to use during a novel unit and can be used with ANY novel. 

Simply print the pre-made notebook pages, hole punch the ones you want to use, cut along the dotted lines, and staple each page to a sheet of looseleaf! Students can assemble their own interactive notebook in about 15 minutes! The best part? You have ready-made assignments, activities, and homework for your entire novel unit which makes much less prep for you!



• Detailed teacher instructions for assembly

• Powerpoint to help students and teachers with the assembly process. The presentation includes lots of pictures to make the process go as smoothly as possible. 

• 2 Pre-Reading interactive notebook sheets that allow students to make predictions and research the author

• 7 During-Reading interactive notebook sheets that help students through the process of analyzing plot, character, setting, mood, tone, theme, conflict, and figurative language/literary devices. 

• 6 Post- Reading interactive notebook sheets that allow students to make connections (text to text/self/world), respond creatively (musical playlist, character shopping, photo album, character tablet apps), and create an essay outline!



♥ I love the flexibility of this resource and how it could be used for any novel. I will definitely put this to use in my reading workshop. 

♥ I began using interactive notebooks this semester with my inclusion class, and I adore them. I can't wait to use this one! Excellent job! 

♥ This is such a great, helpful resource for using interactive notebooks. 

♥ Yet another great resource by Presto Plans. Can't wait to try this next year. Thank you!


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