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Start your back to school by having students complete this fun first day assignment. Writing To Your Future Self has students fill in a one page worksheet with four sections about themselves, their world, their interests, and their goals. Prompting questions are detailed, so students will know exactly what they can include in each section. At the end of the course or at the end of the year, hand this back to your students to see if they have changed.

Not only is this resource great for discussion on both the first and last day of a course/school, but is also a great way to get to know your students! All you have to do is print the assignment, pass it out, explain and the students will be ready to get to work.



♥ I used the "Writing to My Future Self" with my 8th graders this year! I plan to mail them the year they graduate high school.

♥ Thank you! My students sealed their letters and will wait to open them in the last days of school. We are excited to see how they have changed.

♥ Perfect activity for the beginning of the school year. I had the students complete this, and then took their picture. I plan to give these back to the students in sealed envelopes on their last day of middle school and compare the picture we took on the first day! Thanks for this!! 


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