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Help your students understand proper email etiquette with this ready-to-use resource. Students will learn everything they need to know about the common email conventions, email mechanics (To, CC, BCC, Subject), the basic email anatomy (the “four parts” of an email), and much more.

Beyond obtaining a wealth of practical tips for writing emails that sound professional and that serve a direct purpose, students will also complete a variety of fun activities that will help them to hone their skills before practicing writing an email of their own.

This substantial email writing resource comes with everything you need to teach email etiquette in your classroom.


  • 38-Slide Presentation: Use these slides to guide you through the lesson and introduce each of the activities.

  • Email Etiquette Reference: This handout summarizes the content from the presentation for students and explains what email etiquette is and why it is important. It also breaks down the four parts of an email with a detailed example.
  • Email Writing Tips Reference: This handout explains 10 practical tips for writing emails that are appropriate, professional, and effective.

  • Email Sorting Activity: For this activity, students will be given task cards with sample sentences from emails, and they will need to categorize them according to whether they are “ready to send” or “not ready to send” to reveal two mystery words. 

  • Email Edit Activity: Students will be given a draft of an email that they will need to edit using what they have learned from the lesson. 

  • Email Analysis Activity: Students will circulate to different stations with a small group and read various emails on task cards. They will jot down their thoughts on how each email could be improved using provided graphic organizers.

  • Email Rewrite: Students will rewrite a sample email to a teacher that is not yet ready to be sent for a variety of reasons using their knowledge of proper email etiquette.
  • Email Writing Checklist: This convenient checklist will help students with checking their own emails for errors and help them improve their email writing and professionalism. 
  • Writing an Email Final Assignment: Students will use the email topic prompt task cards to write an email of their own to their teacher, applying all the skills they have learned from the lesson.


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