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Throwback Thursday is a social media trend on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook where users share memories from their childhood! Bring this trend into your classroom with these ready-to-use writing assignments where students can reflect on their childhood memories and photos. I suggest introducing the assignment on a Thursday or making it due to be shared with the rest of the class on a Thursday!



• An assignment where students write 4 short paragraphs on memories from their childhood based on prompts. The prompts included are their favorite toy, the best vacation, the first days of school, and a movie or TV show they liked. 

• An assignment where students bring in a 4x6 picture from their childhood, attach it to the sheet, and write a description of the picture and explain why they chose it! 

• A fun "Throwback Thursday" bulletin display poster that you can post above the assignments in your class or in the hall!


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