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This fun collaborate writing activity is sure to get even your most reluctant writers putting pencil to paper. The snowball writing method is a fun and interactive way to teach your students how to write collaboratively. I can guarantee this will be a lesson your students will not forget!



1. Each student gets one of the 30 pre-made worksheets with a different visual story starter. They begin writing the story. 

2. After an allotted amount of time, writer one crumples their story up into a "snowball" and throws it to the front of the room.

3. Everyone goes to the front to grab a snowball and they continue to story!

This is done one more time, then it is returned to the original writer for editing, revision, and a final copy on looseleaf/typed! Students always have SO much fun doing this, and they usually can't believe you are letting them crumple up their stories.



♥ I have done snowball activities before, but this one has a specific purpose. What a great idea! Holds the students accountable for reading the previous section(s) and expanding.

♥ My students LOVED this and WOW - their stories were amazing! This is one activity the kids asked for time and again. Thanks!

♥ Fun fun fun! I'm always looking for ways to make writing fun. My students loved it and were very engaged.

♥ My students loved this activity! Really got their creativity flowing too! :)

♥ This went so well, my students cannot wait to do it again!

♥ My 7th graders love this activity. I usually pull out the snowball writing when we have a shorter class period or a shorter school week, as a filler. The kids not only are writing, but they're up moving around- it's perfect. Lastly, the photo prompts really get their brains thinking as well. Thank you. 

Included in the packet are a teacher guide and 30 different worksheets with visual story starters (all stories will be different).

PLEASE NOTE: The images from these worksheets are also found in my product Picture Perfect Prompts: Visual Narrative Story Starters.


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