Valentine's Day Vocabulary Activity - Cupid's Dictionary Task Cards Definitions

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Valentine's Day Vocabulary Activity - Cupid's Dictionary Task Cards Definitions: Bring some fun into your classroom with this Valentine's Day vocabulary activity. Included are 15 task cards and presentation slides that allow students to define challenging vocabulary terms in Cupid-inspired examples.

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Included In This Valentine's Day Vocabulary Activity:

➡️ 15 Valentine's Day-Inspired Vocabulary Task Cards: Use these 15 task cards that cover a variety of Valentine's Day-related topics to help students practice determining the meaning of words in context. Each task card focuses on a vocabulary word that is underlined in a sentence, and students are asked to infer the meaning of the word using context clues.

➡️ Answer Key Presentation Slides: After students have completed the task cards, review the answers with them using this 15-slide presentation that includes the original task card and the defined vocabulary word. You can project it for students to see or use it to go over the answers with them.

Vocabulary Words Included:

→ Apprehensive
→ Egregious
→ Muster
→ Obscured
→ Immersed
→ Quell
→ Serenity
→ Somber
→ Scolding
→ Wafted
→ Scrumptious
→ Gallivant
→ Squabbling
→ Frigid
→ Impetuous

How To Use This Valentine's Day Vocabulary Activity:

1. Bell Ringers: Pass out one task card a day for the 15 days leading up to Valentine's Day. Students can work with a partner to try and define the vocabulary word used in the task card, and you can use the presentation to review the answers.

2. Vocabulary Station: Include a packet of the task cards at a center where students can choose which ones to work on. The work can be done on the task card or in their notebook. Print out 4 slides per page on PowerPoint (option provided when you print) and keep an answer key booklet for students to check their work when they are done.

3. Pair Work: Give each pair of students a task card and have them complete it together. Then, each pair can present the example to the class and share and explain the vocabulary words.

4. Group Work: Give a group of three or four students one of the task cards and have them come to an agreement about the meaning of the underlined vocabulary word. The group can present the example to the class when they are finished and explain.

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