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Digital Download

Introduce students to The Necklace by Guy de Maupassant with these ready-to-use digital short story resources.


Included in your purchase: 

  • A 34 Google Slides presentation that walks you through the lesson (author biography, discussion, analysis notes, and much more).
  • A Pre-reading quote reflection activity to get the students thinking about some of the themes found in the text.
  • A digital reading comprehension quiz in Google Forms with an answer key.
  • A digital vocabulary matching game where students move digital pieces to reveal the secret mystery word.
  • Analysis Questions with answer key provide.
  • A digital collage assignment illustrating  students'  interpretation of luxury in comparison to luxury in the short story.
  • A digital found poetry assignment where students use the words copied directly from The Necklace to form their own poetic creation.
  • A digital characterization assignment with answer key where students analyze Mathilde’s personal qualities and support their choices with examples from the text.
  • A Non-fiction Google Slide article to inform students of French class society with an interactive Venn diagram compare and contrast activity.
  • A social media profile assignment where students write posts from Mathilde's perspective at different points in the story. 
  • A police report digital writing activity with template.
  • A final creative writing Epilogue digital writing activity.