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Introduce students to "The Lady, or the Tiger" by Frank R. Stockton with these ready-to-use digital and print short story resources.

This resource includes BOTH the printable files as well as the digital files.  The digital resources are  Google compatible and students can complete all the work on the computer. This works well with distance learning, 1:1 classrooms, remote teaching, Google Classroom, or online education. The print resources are in PDF format and are intended to be printed and distributed to students.

Included in your purchase (all files in digital and print format):

  • A 50 Google Slide and PowerPoint presentation that walks you through the lesson (author biography, discussion, analysis notes, and much more).
  • An engaging classroom trial activity where students are given a "sentence" for a crime they committed (not completing homework, coming to class late), and they must face the class to choose a door!  A reflection component is also included.
  • A vocabulary memory game or digital matching game where students work to reveal the secret mystery word.
  • A non-fiction assignment where students can explore different justice systems from around the world. Answer key is provided.
  • A Venn Diagram character analysis activity where students examine the king and the princess to consider their similarities and differences.  A sample answer key is also provided. 
  • A guided analysis graphic organizer that students can use to analyze key story and literary elements from the text.
  • Debate resources for students to defend whether or not they think the princess sends the courtier to the lady or the tiger.  Planning and rebuttal graphic organizers are provided. 
  • Appealing to the Court assignment where students can take on the role of the courtier and appeal the sentence that he receives.
  • A final creative writing assignment where students write an epilogue of where the characters are 5 years after the day in the amphitheater.  Included is a pre-writing graphic organizer, a showing vs. telling activity to improve their descriptive writing skills, and a final copy sheet/slide.
  • A love letter writing assignment where students take on either the role of the courtier or the princess and write a love letter to the other.  Included is a pre-writing graphic organizer and good copy sheet/slide.


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