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Prepare your students for testing by decorating your bulletin board with the most common stems used in open-ended extended response questions. This resource includes 20 posters with common key power words used during testing with a student-friendly description and a “hashtag” for quick reference. 

You can either choose to post all of the terms in a large bulletin display, or you can introduce one new term a week for 20 weeks! After introducing each new term, have students complete the included activity where they write their own question using the term on something they are studying in class. This is a great way to bring test-prep into your class in a low-stress and fun way!



• Testing Term of the Week Poster 

• Activity cards for students to write questions using the terms. Have them display the cards on the Testing Term of the Week bulletin board!

• Long bulletin board title poster that reads "Testing Terms" 

• 20 Posters of terms commonly found on tests with a definition and hashtag. 

Terms Included: Analyze, Infer, Explain, Contrast, Compare, Trace, Predict, Formulate, Persuade, Interpret, Summarize, Support, Classify, Describe, Justify, Illustrate, Evaluate, Demonstrate, Transform, Develop


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