Shakespeare Introductory Resources - Slides, Activities, Assignments, & Posters

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Shakespeare Introductory Resources - Slides, Activities, Assignments, & Posters: Foster an appreciation for the timeless works of Shakespeare with our discounted bundle designed to introduce students to the life, times, and language of the Bard. This comprehensive bundle features engaging and enjoyable presentations, activities, assignments, and posters that seamlessly prepare your class for the exploration of any Shakespearean play. From delving into the fascinating aspects of Shakespeare's life to unraveling the nuances of his language, this bundle sets the stage for a rich and immersive study of the renowned playwright.

What Teachers Are Saying About These Shakespeare Introductory Resources:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ I love these introductory activities to Shakespeare. They really helped the students get familiar with the language of Shakespeare and gained their interest. I can use this with any Shakespearean play so it will be useful again in the future.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The activities in this packet helped my students jump into student-led learning about Shakespeare's life and times before reading Romeo & Juliet. This has been a huge help for a first-year teacher still learning how to create such beautiful and engaging lessons!

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ This resource was extremely helpful when introducing my students to Shakespeare. The students found the activities engaging, and I was able to project the document to model how to do the activity. All around great resource.

Included In This Shakespeare Introductory Resource Bundle:

➡️ Shakespeare Hashtag of the Week Posters: These eye-catching posters will get your students reading and discussing Shakespeare's words! Create a "Shakespeare's Hashtag of The Week" bulletin board that includes actual quotes from Shakespeare's plays that are still relevant today. The hashtag (#) will tell your students what Shakespearean text the quote came from. Response activity is also included where students can respond to the quote.

➡️ What Would Shakespeare Say? Shakespearean Language Lesson: Introduce students to the challenging language of Shakespeare's time before reading his texts with this introductory PowerPoint presentation. The slides give students the prior knowledge they need to read Shakespeare successfully by sharing the most common words (thy, thee, hast, etc.). Also included are handouts and fun worksheet assignments that students can complete to demonstrate their understanding and prepare for reading!

➡️ Introduction to Shakespeare & The Renaissance: Provide students with the relevant historical context they need before reading Shakespeare's works with this PowerPoint presentation that introduces Shakespeare's life and times. The presentation shares information about what was going on politically during the 16th century and what effect that had on the literature of the time. It also provides a brief look into the life of Shakespeare's life with information on his family, schooling, class, children, and career.

➡️ Introduction to the Globe Theater: Transport your students back in time to Renaissance England to give them a tour of the most famous theater on earth - Shakespeare's Globe! This 30-slide PowerPoint presentation shares lots of interesting information about this famous theater that will engage all your students! Also included is a labeling assignment for parts of The Globe Theater and a creative writing assignment.

➡️ Shakespeare Web Quest Activity: Have students explore Shakespeare's life and times online with this high-interest Shakespeare Web Quest activity that guides students on a journey of independent learning! Provide students with the two-page web quest and your planning is complete. A detailed answer key is also included for review with students or grading.

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