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These sentence type escape room bell ringers are a new and fun way to challenge your students!  At the start of the week, students are banished to a dungeon by Chancellor Doran. Each day, they must work with their group for the first 5-10 minutes of class to progressively get closer and closer to escaping by the end of the week.

This escape room has students move through a variety of locked cells while demonstrating their knowledge on sentence types (simple, compound, complex, compound-complex)..  Each of the daily puzzles bring students into a new cell where they uncover more clues and attempt to succeed in each task to have a successful escape.

Don't want to use this as a bell-ringer? No problem! Set up each of the days as stations, and it can easily work as a stand-alone escape room.



On Monday, read the back story for the escape room together and group students with those they will work with for the week. They then work together to complete the first part of the escape together! When they successfully escape, however, they will learn that they have to wait until tomorrow to get the next clue. 

On Tuesday, Students move to the second task for the astronaut and find new clues and puzzles to help them move further towards their escape. This continues until Friday when they finally have the chance to escape the dungeon. 

The escape room tells a story all the way through the week that will fully engage your students and hook them into learning about the content, 

The bell-ringers are designed to take about 5-10 minutes each. Setting up an entire escape room can be time consuming, but using them in bell-ringer format allows you to focus on one puzzle and one part of the escape.



o Detailed teacher instructions for set up 

o A classroom door sign to welcome students to the activity 

o All the materials and puzzles students need for each day 

o A student answer sheet where they record their work for the week 

o A teacher answer key you can use to check the work 

o A PowerPoint presentation that you can use daily to guide you though every single part of the process.


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