Romeo and Juliet Wedding Activity - Wedding Speeches and Vow Writing Act 2

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Romeo and Juliet Wedding Activity prompts students to envision an alternative wedding scenario for Shakespeare’s timeless classic Romeo and Juliet after reading Act 2. In the play, the young lovers' wedding is an intimate and secret affair, hidden from the prying eyes of their feuding families. With this ready-to-use activity, students will imagine a Verona where their union was a public celebration attended by various characters from the play. After gaining some context on wedding speeches, students will write and present wedding speeches of their own from the perspective of various characters in the play at an immersive classroom wedding.

Included in this Romeo and Juliet Wedding Activity:

➡️ Romeo and Juliet Wedding Presentation: Set the stage for this Romeo and Juliet Wedding Activity with the included presentation that provides context on typical weddings, provides insight into Romeo and Juliet’s secret wedding, and introduces the wedding speech writing assignment to students.

➡️ Romeo and Juliet Wedding Speech Writing Assignment: Give students the option to choose between five speeches that would have been given at Romeo and Juliet’s wedding:
  • Romeo or Juliet's vows
  • Mercutio's Best Man Speech
  • The Nurse's Speech
  • Lord or Lady Capulet or Montague's Parent Speech
  • Friar Lawrence's Speech to the Couple
Using the included pre-writing graphic organizer, students will delve into their chosen character’s personality, motivations, and relationships, and select relevant text evidence before writing their speeches. Speech requirements are provided.

➡️ Romeo and Juliet Wedding Speech Invitations: Formally invite students to the wedding that never was with the ready-to-print Romeo and Juliet wedding invitations!

➡️ Teacher Introduction and Conclusion Wedding Speeches: Use the pre-written teacher introduction and conclusion wedding speeches to start and end your immersive classroom wedding in a traditional fashion.

How to use this Romeo and Juliet Wedding Activity:
  1. Use the introductory presentation slides to guide students through the entire lesson and to facilitate the classroom wedding.
  2. Use the included handout to introduce the project to students and distribute the pre-writing graphic organizers to help students prepare and draft their speeches. Then, have students practice and polish their respective speeches.
  3. Build anticipation for the wedding by sharing the ready-to-print invitations, decorating your classroom, and bringing in music and props for the wedding.
  4. Welcome students by reading the provided introductory wedding speech and having students take turns delivering their speeches according to the provided wedding outline. End the ceremony by reading the provided wedding conclusion speech.

>>>This Romeo and Juliet wedding activity is included in a unit plan:

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