Romeo and Juliet Plot Activity - Calendar Plot Structure in Shakespeare's Play

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Romeo and Juliet Plot Activity - Calendar Plot Structure is a fun and creative way for students to explore the condensed timeline of Romeo and Juliet. What's truly remarkable about this play is that despite its wealth of events, the entire story unfolds within an astonishingly brief five-day period. This classroom activity will help students not only comprehend the plot sequence but also appreciate the intensity of these five days in the lives of the young star-crossed lovers.

Students will move small paper strips with key plot moments from Romeo and Juliet in order to their correct days. Once they have accurately sequenced the events, a mystery phrase from the play will be revealed! This alternative to the plot diagram assignment will hook your students and allow them to fully understand the events of the plot.

Included in this Romeo and Juliet Plot Activity:

➡️ Romeo and Juliet Calendar Plot Activity Teacher Instructions: Use the included teacher instructions to help you introduce and facilitate this activity in your classroom with total confidence.

➡️ Romeo and Juliet Plot Activity Cards: These 24 plot cards outline the most important events from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. Students will cut out the cards and use them to complete the activity.

➡️ Romeo and Juliet Plot Activity Calendar Templates: These placemat daily calendars labeled Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Mystery Phrase will be where students place the cards in order. Once they are in the correct sequence on the correct days, students will be able to decipher a mystery phrase using the letters on each of the plot cards.

➡️ Romeo and Juliet Plot Activity Answer Key: The included answer key will allow you to easily review the activity with your students!

>>>This Romeo and Juliet prologue assignment is included in a unit plan:

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