Romeo and Juliet Character Assignment - Romeo's Red Flags Characterization

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Romeo and Juliet Character Assignment - Romeo's Red Flags is a creative assignment that allows students to explore the character of Romeo from Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare in a modern context. A red flag is a warning sign of concerning behavior or characteristics that may indicate potential issues or problems in a relationship. Although Romeo is often hailed as a romantic figure, this resource invites students to explore a different facet of his character. Students will delve into the red flags that emerge throughout the story about Romeo and decide if they would recommend him as a potential partner for someone they know!

Included in this Romeo and Juliet Character Assignment:

➡️ Romeo's Red Flags Presentation: Use the included presentation to guide the lesson. It includes information on red flags, discussion questions, answer keys for the assignment, and prompts for each of the activities!

➡️ Romeo's Red Flags Character Assignment: Students will use this eye-catching graphic organizer to label five red flags that Romeo displays during the play. They will provide text evidence to support their claims.

➡️ Romeo's Red Flags Character Assignment Answer Key: Use the included detailed teacher answer key to review the answers with your class.

➡️ Recommending Romeo Assignment: After students have examined the negative (and positive) qualities that Romeo shows during the play, students will determine if they would recommend Romeo as a partner to their friends. They will justify their choices in this assignment!

Skills Addressed in this Romeo and Juliet Character Assignment:
  • Textual Analysis: Students will demonstrate their ability to critically analyze Shakespeare's text, identifying specific instances and evidence of red flags in Romeo's character, allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of the character and the play.
  • Persuasive Writing: Students must justify their recommendations by considering the positive and negative qualities exhibited by Romeo. This activity hones their persuasive writing skills, as they need to present a convincing argument for or against Romeo as a potential partner.

>>>This Romeo and Juliet character assignment is included in a unit plan:

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