Refugee by Alan Gratz Introduction Presentation - Discussion, Biography, Context

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Refugee Introduction Presentation includes absolutely everything you need to introduce the novel Refugee by Alan Gratz to your students. This interactive PowerPoint presentation includes pre-reading discussion questions, an interactive class activity, a biography of Alan Gratz, a fun review quiz, historical context for each of the three narratives, and background information on the novel.

Included in the Refugee Introduction Presentation:

➡️ This 22-slide PowerPoint presentation is the perfect way of introducing Refugee by Alan Gratz to your students. The slides will provide students with the background information they need before they begin reading. Included in the presentation: 

  • Pre-reading group discussion questions to help students make connections
  • Agree or Disagree class activity, where students stand or sit based on if they agree or disagree with prompts that relate to themes that emerge in The Outsiders
  • Book cover analysis activity
  • A detailed biography of Alan Gratz, author of the novel, Refugee.
  • A quiz within the slideshow about Gratz to check student attention and comprehension
  • Background information on the novel
  • Information on the historical fiction genre
  • Historical context information for each of the three narratives (the Holocaust, Adolf Hitler, WW2, Cuban Rafter Crisis, Fidel Castro, Syrian Civil War, and Bashar Al-Assad)

Using the Refugee Introduction Presentation in your classroom 

Use this presentation as a way of introducing Refugee by Alan Gratz intentionally to prepare students for reading. Students will be provided opportunities for classroom discussion, forming and justifying an opinion, and understanding important contexts (historical, language, author).


>>>This resource is included in my unit plan for the novel!

➡️ Refugee by Alan Gratz Unit Plan


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