Refugee by Alan Gratz Historical Context Notes for the Novel by Chapter

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Refugee Historical Context Presentation: This slideshow will help provide students with the important historical context made in the novel Refugee by Alan Gratz. The novel includes three different plot lines set in Germany during the Holocaust, in Cuba during the Cuban Raft Exodus, and in Syria during the Syrian Civil War. The notes provide students with the specific reference made in the novel and an easy-to-understand explanation of the history behind the reference.


How is the information in the Refugee slideshow organized? 

The 54 slides are organized by chapter sets, and each slide includes the direct quote from the novel where the reference was made, a detailed explanation of the history behind the reference, and an image that relates to the reference.

The slides are organized into the following chapter sets:

1-6 / 7-12 / 13-18 / 19-27 / 28-36 / 37-45 / 46-53.

How to use the Refugee by Alan Gratz Historical Context Presentation

  • After reading each chapter set of Refugee by Alan Gratz, use the slides for that chapter set to look more closely at the historical context referenced in the novel. 
  • Start by showing the quote from the novel that makes a direct reference and ask students if they know what the quote is referring to. This will elicit some discussion in your class if some students have background knowledge of the reference.
  • Then reveal the explanation of the reference along with a photo so students can visualize a photo from the history of the actual events being referenced.

What topics are covered in the Refugee by Alan Gratz Historical Context Presentation

With 54 slides included in this presentation, you can be confident that any questions your students have about the history behind the plot will be answered. The topics are also covered in an age-appropriate way, sharing important information in a sensitive and thoughtful way. Below are some of the topics covered from each of the plot lines (more included in the full slideshow)

Josef's plot line in Germany during the Holocaust:

  • The Strurmabteilung
  • Concentration Camps
  • Kristallnacht
  • Hitler and the Nazi Party
  • The MS St. Louis
  • and much more!

Isabel's plot line in Cuba during the Cuban Raft Exodus:

  • Cuban Revolution
  • Wet Foot, Dry Foot
  • The Freedom Fights
  • Guantanamo Bay
  • and much more!

Mahmoud's plot line in Syria during the Syrian Civil War:

  • The Arab Spring
  • Daesh / Isis
  • Refugee Camps
  • Seeking Asylum
  • Palestine
  • Marching to Austria
  • and much more!


>>>This resource is included in my unit plan for the novel!

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