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Raymond's Run by Toni Cade Bambara is a short story your students will love. This lesson includes absolutely everything you need to teach Raymond's Run in a fun and engaging way. You'll receive a 38 slide presentation that guides you through the entire short story lesson, reading questions, posters, assignments, teacher answer keys, and a final creative writing assignment.



  • A 38 slide PowerPoint presentation that walks you through the lesson to teach Raymond's Run (author biography, discussion, analysis notes, and more). 
  • RACE (restate, answer, cite, explain) constructed response classroom posters.
  • 6 Question practice assignment where students help Squeaky cross the finish line by answering using the RACE strategy.
  • Inference hunt activity where students examine quotes from the story and make inferences about the main character.
  • Character comparison Venn diagram (Gretchen and Squeaky).
  • Creative response activity where students write an acceptance speech for Squeaky after she wins the race.


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