Poetry One Pager Assignment

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Use this poetry one pager assignment to help your students show their understanding and analysis of any poem you are reading in a fun and meaningful way. One pagers allow students to show their creativity by displaying specific elements of a poem visually on one single sheet of paper.

Included in this poetry one pager assignment:

  • An instruction sheet that explains what a poetry one-pager is and outlines what they need to include on their paper.
  • A variety of templates that students can use for their one pagers if they don't want to use a blank sheet of paper.
  • Detailed presentation slides that explain each element of the poetry assignment to students.
  • An editable teacher rubric that makes for easy grading
  • A student sample response of a poetry one pager that you can show your students as a strong response

How poetry one pagers work:

One pagers are typically used as a final assessment for students to show their understanding and analysis of a poem. With this resource, students are given the creative freedom to showcase and display their information, but they will also be given detailed instructions for what is required.

The completed one pagers will feature the poem's title and author, include images and symbols, examine text connections, analyze poetic devices, give a summary of the poem, include an important quote, and explore the theme of the poem. Detailed instructions are included for each element to guide students through the process.


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