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Water bottle flipping is an activity where a person throws a partially filled plastic water bottle into the air so that it rotates, in an attempt to land it upright. It became an international trend in 2016 and it has often been criticized as a distraction and a nuisance by teachers and parents. In fact, bottle flipping has even been banned in many schools!

Use the popularity of this craze in your classroom with this fun persuasive writing lesson and writing assignment. Students will absolutely love attempting to convince teachers and parents of the benefits and merits of bottle flipping. Or, if they are frustrated by the practice, it will be their opportunity to convince their peers to put a stop to this annoying activity.



• An 20 slide Powerpoint presentation that guides you through the entire lesson. The presentation covers the following information:

→ Introduction to bottle flipping (with a video clip - YouTube required)

→ What is persuasive writing?

→ Audience and Purpose

→ Research

→ Persuasive Language

→ Persuasive essay structure (hook, thesis, body, conclusion)

→ Counterclaims 

• Pre-reading pros and cons brainstorming

• An easy-to-use outline for students to plan their writing

• A post-writing self-assessment check-list for students 

• 2 Good copy sheets

• A bulletin board display title that reads "To flip, or not to flip?" that looks great on display on a classroom or a hallway bulletin board

**Please note that the content in the presentation of this resource is very similar to my general persuasive writing resource.**


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