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Use these video journal prompts to help your students reflect on their reading of Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. Access to YouTube is required for this purchase.

How do video journals work?
Students will watch a short video clip that connects to a theme or an important topic of the novel. Keep in mind that the videos are not selected to be specifically about the novel, but instead they are connected to something that occurs in the chapter sets in either content or theme. This allows students to make connections and consider how the content or themes from the novel connect to the world today.

After watching the short video clip, students will be given a writing prompt that bridges the gap between the video and their lives or the world around them. They will respond to that prompt in writing on the included response sheet.

What's included in this resource? 

The resource includes a Powerpoint presentation with video clips and related writing prompt for each of the seven chapter sets and a response page template where they can respond to the prompts.

Please Note: Teachers should always preview the videos before showing students to ensure they will work well for their specific students.

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