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Have your students demonstrate their reading comprehension of The Outsiders by S.E Hinton with this ready-to-use resource that includes questions, answers, and useful handouts!



• A Student Handout With Reading Questions: A ready-to-print set of reading questions that include basic comprehension questions , ‘Digging Deeper’ questions, and literary devices questions. 

• The questions are organized by the following chapters (1-2) (3-4) (5 – 6) (7 – 8) (9 – 10) (11- 12) and each set of chapters has between 8 - 13 questions each (totaling almost 60 questions!) 

• A 58 Slide Powerpoint presentation that includes all the answers to the questions for easy review with the whole class. 

• A list of literary devices and figures of speech (with examples and definitions) that students can use as a reference to answer the literary devices questions.


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