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Use this class activity to engage your students in exploring the meaning and theme of Robert Frost's poem Nothing Gold Can Stay as found in The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton! This is intended for use after Chapter 5 - 6, but could be used at any point in the novel.

***PLEASE NOTE: The poem is NOT included in this purchase as it goes against copyright restrictions. It is up to the buyer to find the poem online/in a textbook for student use.*** 

Students will enter the classroom to a ready-to-print poster related to the poem. Once they are settled in, they will have a chance to watch a video of Ponyboy reciting the poem in the film adaptation of the novel (youtube required).

Students will then work in groups to follow the prompting discussion questions on the Powerpoint to analyze each line of the poem in detail while completing a brainstorming assignment. Once this is done, you can go over the poem with the students (an "answer key" is provided in the Powerpoint presentation)

After these activities, students will have a better understanding of the poem, why it is included in the novel, and how it relates to Ponyboy in particular.



• Detailed teacher instructions

• A group brainstorming assignment sheet 

• Classroom poster

• A 16 slide Powerpoint with prompting questions that allow students to break the poem down (line numbers for the poem included - but not the actual lines from the poem for copyright reasons). The presentation also includes answers to go over the questions.



♥ Seriously, so good. I just wasted an hour making my own PowerPoint, should have searched TpT first! Thank you so much for such an awesome lesson!!!! 

♥ This lesson is completely thorough and gets students thinking really deeply about the poem. My students struggle with abstract language, but this lesson helped them understand poetry so much better. Thanks for the great resource! 

♥ As a second year teacher, this is a life-savor! Thank you!


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